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Walt Shubin

Walt is an area grape farmer who used to fish for Salmon in the San Joaquin River near Kerman.

Walt is an avid spokesman for river restoration and responsible stewardship.

Read Walt's writings:

WALTER A. SHUBIN: Different look at farm, water issues

Friday July 10, 2009 By Walter Shubin

Twenty years ago, I testified before the House Committee on Agriculture that federal farm policy was driving family farmers off the land, enriching commodities traders and large food processing corporations and undermining America's ability to produce healthy food.

Time, sad to say, has proven me right. Since I testified, a half-million American farmers have vanished.

Sky Will Not Fall

by Walt Shubin

Fresno Bee - July 10,2005

It seems some of our farmers, politicians, mayors, water officials and the public have been misled and misinformed by the very people who are perpetrating an injustice that began over 60 years ago: drying up the San Joaquin River for 70 miles on the Valley floor to benefit growers who aren't even in the watershed.

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