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River Restoration and Settlement Agreement

The restoration of the San Joaquin River will require an improved community stewardship and a broad awareness of the changing character and nature of our river. Get involved and read news about the San Joaquin River Settlement Agreement and salmon recovery efforts.

River deal gets a bit wobbly in Congress

Historic settlement might land in judge's hands again.

An essential piece of legislation to advance the plan to restore water to the San Joaquin River appears to be floundering in Congress. If the House of Representatives can't come up with a bill, the whole issue could be right back where it started 18 years ago: in federal court. And that might be bad news for just about everyone involved.

Bill to restore river clears House panel

Measure to help San Joaquin still faces hurdles.
By David Whitney / Bee Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON -- Legislation to restore the San Joaquin River cleared the House Natural Resources Committee by a 25-15 vote Thursday, winning cheers from environmentalists but not a single Republican vote.

"We've waited a year for this, and now we have it," said Hamilton Candee, a senior attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council. "This sends an important signal back to the state that this river restoration is going to happen."

River plan afloat, barely

Parties say restoration on track, but funding, support are uncertain.
By Michael Doyle / Bee Washington Bureau
09/08/07 01:15:53
WASHINGTON -- The road to San Joaquin River restoration remains rocky a year after farmers and environmentalists seemingly settled their differences.

Congress is still hung up on legislation returning water and salmon to the river. Some crucial questions remain unanswered. Recent court decisions also complicate the picture, and some influential farmers are harboring second thoughts.

The problems don't mean the river deal announced Sept. 13, 2006, is dead. Far from it. But they do show how enduring challenges can outlast the hopeful glow of early expectations.

Lawmaker seeks consensus on river

Rep. Jim Costa urges irrigation districts to have coherent voice.
By Tim Sheehan / The Fresno Bee
12/07/07 23:11:03
VISALIA -- Rep. Jim Costa, D-Fresno, urged Valley irrigation districts that receive water from the San Joaquin River to reach concurrence on legislation to settle a 19-year-old lawsuit over restoring historic salmon runs that disappeared after Friant Dam was built.

Compromise is urged on river restoration bill

By Michael Doyle / Bee Washington Bureau

Nunes change is right move

Article published Oct 9, 2007

U.S. Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Visalia, made the smart play last week in dropping his previously vehement opposition to the San Joaquin River Settlement.

It's a smart play for Nunes politically. Continuing his stubborn opposition to the settlement not only alienated him from the state's most powerful politicians, it was freezing him out of his own congressional delegation.

It's also the smart play for his constituents. It allows Nunes to push for the mitigation projects he has said from the beginning are necessary to keep his constituents from a crippling loss of water.

Proposal to restore river loses backing

Madera Co. Farm Bureau drops support of settlement to heal the San Joaquin.

Congress river fight brings out Nunes grit

Visalian stands against current in fierce restoration debate, unafraid to

3 common pesticides said to harm West Coast salmon

The National Marine Fisheries Service is expected to issue recommendations based on its report in coming months.
By Eric Bailey, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
August 14, 2008

SACRAMENTO -- Three common pesticides are helping push the Pacific Coast's prized but imperiled salmon closer to extinction, a new federal report has found.

A 377-page draft study by federal fisheries experts contends there is "overwhelming evidence" that unfettered use of the pesticides is "likely to jeopardize the continued existence" of 28 salmon stocks off the West Coast.

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