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Sacramento- San Joaquin Delta

The Sacramento- San Joaquin River Delta is the largest estuarine system on the west coast of the Americas and a rich national treasure. So why do we treat it like sewer? Read more to unfold the many mysteries and current challenges facing the Delta.

KMJ hosts water forum

KMJ host Chris Daniel hosted a 2hr water forum on Wednesday night from 5-7pm. Guests included Tom Birmingham of Westlands Water District, Revive's Chris Acree, Bill Diedrich of San Luis Water District, Robert Silva Mayor of Mendota, John Shelton of CA Fish and Game, and Steve Haze representing the San Joaquin Valley Water Leadership Forum. The forum was a moderated discussion about the current status of water and water management in the San Joaquin Valley. The forum was a great oppotunity to introduce restoration of the San Joaquin River as a possible solution to our water management woes.

Revive's Grasslands Bypass Project Comments

Revive the San Joaquin submitted the following public comments to Judi Tapia, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation concerning the Draft Environmental Impact Report on the Grasslands ByPass Project.  The Proposed Project is asking for an additional 10 years to comply with state water quality and environmental regulations.

Revive the San Joaquin’s Comment on the Draft Environmental Impact Report for Grasslands Bypass Project 2010-2019

Delta canal plan likely to land in court, experts agree

By Matt Weiser

Published: Tuesday, Jan. 06, 2009 | Page 4A

The Schwarzenegger administration's plan to fast-track construction of a water canal around the Delta leans on an old interpretation of state water law from a bygone era. Valid or not, supporters and critics agree the plan is more likely to fast-track its way into court.

Panel urges building of delta canal

Leaders say work can start without Legislature's help.

State explores legal course after Fresno delta decision

By John Ellis / The Fresno Bee
09/05/07 04:26:10
State officials will meet today to talk about the effect of a ruling late Friday by a federal judge in Fresno that ordered big cuts in delta water pumping to protect an endangered fish.

The state contends the ruling by U.S. District Judge Oliver Wanger will have dire consequences for Valley farmers and Southern California residents who depend on delta water, even though a closer look at Wanger's ruling shows that he included provisions to maintain necessary pumping levels during emergencies.

California Delta Nears Collapse Despite Huge Spending

UPDATED: 5:03 pm PDT October 12, 2007

SACRAMENTO -- The mighty river delta that supplies water to two-thirds of California's population and is one of the most important wildlife habitats on the West Coast is in worse shape than ever despite $4.7 billion in government spending.

The ambitious venture launched seven years ago to restore and protect the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta has spent most of its budget on projects hundreds of miles away, according to an Associated Press review.

Federal Fisheries Agency Blames Ocean Conditions for Central Valley Salmon Decline


By Dan Bacher

Faced with increasing evidence that water exports from the California Delta are a key factor in

the collapse of chinook salmon in the Central Valley, the Bush administration is claiming that

“unfavorable ocean conditions” are the “likely culprit” for the dramatically low returns of

Captive breeding may save delta smelt

Academics, officials hope program can stave off the fragile fish's extinction.
By Matt Weiser / The Sacramento Bee
09/30/07 22:51:27

BYRON -- After fighting for decades to protect the threatened delta smelt, wildlife officials have begun to move in a new direction: a captive-breeding program in case the fragile fish goes extinct in the wild.

The decision to begin a species rescue program was made cooperatively by state and federal agencies and academics in recent weeks.

Officials still are working to fully fund the effort, but it will be based at a University of California at Davis smelt research lab at the state Department of Water Resources facility near this south delta town in Contra Costa County.

Rising seas called Delta risk

Warming could leave areas swamped, planners told

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