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Water Supply and Water Rights

How we move water in California and put it to its best use is a vibrant and ongoing discussion. Who's water is it and how is it being used? Read more to learn about where your water comes from and where it is going.

Westlands district pulls out of delta water plan

Posted at 11:13 PM on Tuesday, Nov. 23, 2010
By Mark Grossi / The Fresno Bee
After investing millions of dollars, Westlands Water District is pulling out of an extensive planning effort to heal the troubled Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, saying high-ranking federal officials are derailing it.

The draft of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan offers hope of restoring slumping water deliveries to west Valley farmers, Westlands officials said this week.

Feinstein Transfer Legislation Would Facilitate Sale of Westside Ag Water to Urban Development

March 11, 2010

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Feinstein Transfer Legislation Would Facilitate Sale of Westside Ag Water to Urban Development

Washington –  Senator Diane Feinstein has moved legislation to the Senate floor that would deregulate the transfer and sale of Central Valley Project irrigation water between South of Delta agricultural and u

As Protestors Gather, Feinstein Denies Water Bill Would Benefit Resnick

For Immediate Release
March 26,2010
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As Protestors Gather, Feinstein Denies Water Bill Would Benefit Resnick

Fresno --  Yesterday, a group of local Sierra Club protestors gathered in front of the Fresno Federal building, calling attention to provisions in Senator Dianne Feinstein's Water Transfer Facilitation Act that would enable transfers of San Joaquin River water to the Kern Water Bank.   Feinstein's office has denied that the legislation would facilitate the transfer and sale of water out of t

Talk of the Town: Media Joins Outcry Over Feinstein’s Push to Remove Protections for Endangered Species

February 22, 2010 in Water | by evonchambers

The state’s editorial boards have voiced near unanimous opposition to Senator Dianne Feinstein’s plans to eviscerate protections for California’s endangered chinook salmon.

Feinstein announced last week that she is preparing a rider to a federal jobs bill to suspend rules protecting the iconic fish.

Federal Agencies' "Double Standard" on Fish Science Compels Call for Relief from Endangered Species Act


The public agency responsible for supplying water to more than a million acres of the Central Valley as well as 1.8 million people in the Bay Area today called on California's senior Senator Diane Feinstein and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to proceed immediately with legislation to lift some of the constraints on California's water system that have been imposed under the federal Endangered Species Act.

The action comes amidst growing concerns that those constraints will prevent California from capturing and storing the water that is currently pouring into

Science panel's review of California water woes prompts fight

Sacramento Bee-1/21/10
By Matt Weiser

An elite science panel's work to clarify California's water problems has become, instead, the latest front in a battle over the Delta's endangered species.

Experts on the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta say political meddling prompted the review by the National Academy of Sciences.

The Cadillac of California irrigation districts' has more than a tiny fish to blame for its troubles

Feature story - From the January 11, 2010 issue of High Country News by Matt Jenkins

On Sept. 17 of last year, the famously hypertensive right-wing Fox News commentator Sean Hannity rolled into the West Side of the San Joaquin Valley, satellite truck in tow. Months earlier, when it became clear that a 2-year-old drought would grind on for another year, the federal government announced plans to slash water deliveries to local farmers. Hannity smelled blood.

Corporate farmer calls upon political allies to influence delta dispute


Wealthy corporate farmer Stewart Resnick has written check after check to U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s political campaigns.

Water ownership murky, complicated

By Mike Taugher
Staff Writer
Posted: 05/23/2009 09:32:01 PM PDT
Updated: 09/03/2009 11:22:49 AM PDT

Kern County water users who sold millions of dollars worth of water to a program meant to help the environment said the arrangement made sense because the water was rightfully theirs.
Few would dispute that water that was purchased and stored in Kern County could be sold to the environmental water account.

But the sales were made easier by the fact that the state Department of Water Resources was cranking up water deliveries to unprecedented heights at the same

Pumping water and cash from Delta

By Mike Taugher
Staff Writer
Posted: 05/23/2009 09:34:58 PM PDT
Updated: 09/03/2009 11:22:14 AM PDT

As the West Coast's largest estuary plunged to the brink of collapse from 2000 to 2007, state water officials pumped unprecedented amounts of water out of the Delta only to effectively buy some of it back at taxpayer expense for a failed environmental protection plan, a MediaNews investigation has found.

The "environmental water account" set up in 2000 to improve the Delta ecosystem spent nearly $200 million mostly to benefit water users while also creating a cash str

Watch streaming video of the Feb 4 debate on water issues at Fresno State, moderated by U.S District Judge Oliver Wanger.

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