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Letter to the Editor: Edwin F. Sullivan

The Dec. 16 article by Michael Doyle on restoring the San JoaquinRiver contains a brief but good summary of the current situation. Based on my 40 years of experience in water projects, including 10 years in charge of Friant Dam, I offer the following suggestions for an orderly procedure, which will begin to produce immediate benefits and be less costly in the long run, because the final decisions can be made on observed facts: Assign the Bureau of Reclamation the responsibility for providing a minimum surface stream of 50 cubic feet per second from Friant to the Delta, starting in April 2008. Obtain federal legislation authorizing such a program and declaring the intention to implement the river restoration plan, including the return of salmon to the river. Obtain state legislation endorsing the plan and agreeing not to issue any new water rights for diversions from the San JoaquinRiver. It appears to me the course now being followed is an attempt to resolve everything now. The course I have suggested would protect the long-term interests of all concerned, would provide immediate benefits and would allow sounder decisions based on better information than is now available on channel conditions. Edwin F. Sullivan Visalia

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