You are hereNunes proposes HR 1837, Say Bye to Our River and Our Water!

Nunes proposes HR 1837, Say Bye to Our River and Our Water!

Congressman Devin Nunes is at it again, using the San Joaquin River Restoration program as a bargaining chip to divert more State water away from our Delta and rivers and into the hands of Westlands water district and others who can economically benefit from surplus water sales. His new bill HR 1837 would stop San Joaquin River Restoration, block planning efforts in the Delta, block science-based protections for salmon under protected species law, gut the federal protections and funding for water supply and salmon restoration under the CVPIA, and waive the requirement that new federal dam projects in the Valley comply with NEPA.  The bill would functionally upend our system of State water rights and unravel decades of progress on Delta reform and San Joaquin River restoration. Join us in opposing HR 1837 and let Senator’s Feinstein and Boxer know you support restoration and oppose this water grab.


Read the SF Chronicle article here....

Read the Obama administration’s strongly voiced opposition to this bill here...


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