You are hereThey're Back! Salmon return to San Joaquin after wet 2011.

They're Back! Salmon return to San Joaquin after wet 2011.


Don’t buy into the myth that the salmon will never return to the San Joaquin.  Salmon returned last year with the high rains and flood flows. The Hills Ferry Fish Barrier that usually keeps salmon out of the San Joaquin was down and salmon returned in numbers without the benefits of restoration projects.  The CA Department of Fish and Game also captured stranded salmon at Sack Dam and re-released them into Mendota Pool. So to those naysayers that think it is OK to write-off the San Joaquin as an inhabitable cesspool, join us this spring with your mask and goggles and lets go swimming and enjoy this historic salmon viewing in our beautiful, clean river.

In February, the Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC) released its Pacific salmon abundance estimates from 2011 to compare with 2012 pre-season forecasts Sacramento river salmon forecasts for 2011 were 729,000 Sacramento Fall-Run Chinook (377,000 returning spawners and 352,900 harvested salmon). However, estimates released in 2012 show only 121,742 salmon of the expected 377,000 returned (slightly lower than the conservation objective), meaning the science used to regulate fisheries is not working or that salmon were greatly overfished. For a description of this discrepancy see the following link

See you on the river.

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