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River Restoration and Settlement Agreement

The restoration of the San Joaquin River will require an improved community stewardship and a broad awareness of the changing character and nature of our river. Get involved and read news about the San Joaquin River Settlement Agreement and salmon recovery efforts.

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The San Joaquin River Restoration Program is a river restoration program developed for the 150-mile segment of California’s second largest river between Friant Dam and the confluence of the Merced River.   The implementing agencies include the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service, the CA Department of Water Resources, and the CA Department of Fish and Game. 

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S. 4084--109th Congress (2006): San Joaquin River Restoration Settlement Act
(Status: Dead)
H.R. 6377--109th Congress (2006): San Joaquin River Restoration Settlement Act
(Status: Dead)
H.R. 24--110th Congress (2007): San Joaquin River Restoration Settlement Act
(Status: Introduced)
S. 27--110th Congress (2007): San Joaquin River Restoration Settlement Act
(Status: Introduced)
H.R. 4074--110th Congress (2007): San Joaquin River Restoration Settlement Act
(Status: Scheduled for Debate)

Salmon Back in the Upper San Joaquin River After 62 Years


Chinook salmon capture and release into spawning grounds below Friant Dam 

San Joaquin River Restoration Update


Current Events and News, September 12, 2012

San Joaquin River Restoration Program Interim Flows shut down for flood facility maintenance: 

Releases from Friant Dam will be reduced from September 1 - 23 to allow for repairs to the Chowchilla Bifurcation Structure. During this period, no flows will reach the structure. The work is being conducted to replace vibrating gate seals which may have threatened its structural integrity if unattended. Total releases from Friant Dam will return to 350 cfs on September 24. The SJRRP's fall pulse will be delayed until after November 15. Exact dates of the pulse will be provided at a later date and will be consistent with fish monitoring schedules of the program. 

News: September 4, 2012: San Joaquin restoration will create 11,000 jobs 

The restoration of the San Joaquin River will create 11,000 Valley jobs -- mostly short-term jobs in construction, says a new study from the University of California at Merced.

Nunes proposes HR 1837, Say Bye to Our River and Our Water!

Congressman Devin Nunes is at it again, using the San Joaquin River Restoration program as a bargaining chip to divert more State water away from our Delta and rivers and into the hands of Westlands water district and others who can economically benefit from surplus water sales.

GOP trying to kill Delta restrictions meant to preserve salmon, other fish

Restrictions on Delta water supplies meant to protect salmon, Delta smelt and other fish would be eliminated by language that congressional Republicans have put into the government funding bill.

The action would increase water sent to Central Valley farmers and possibly other users.

The 359-page bill, which is expected to co

No, this is not a Westlands lawsuit

August 30, 2010
Over the weekend, someone asked me if the lawsuit against the effects of the San Joaquin River restoration was filed by Westlands Water District farmers.


The Wolfsen family in the Los Banos area filed the claim for damage from flooding and seepage. They are definitely west siders, but they are not making a claim as Westlands farmers.

They have historic rights to water from the San Joaquin River. Their cattle and farming operations were there before Friant Dam was built.

Farmer seeks payment over San Joaquin River seepage

Posted at 11:39 PM on Friday, Oct. 22, 2010
By Mark Grossi / The Fresno Bee
Blaming underground water seepage from the restored San Joaquin River, farmer Jim Nickel says the federal government owes him $200,000 for tomato crop losses this year.

He is the second farmer to allege damage from the restoration, though he is working with the government on the problem instead of filing a lawsuit, as the first farmer did in August.

Federal officials have not confirmed a link between Nickel's losses and the restoration.

Water delayed for San Joaquin River

Posted at 11:53 PM on Thursday, Nov. 11, 2010 By Mark Grossi / Fresno Bee

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Federal officials have delayed a big boost in water releases this month for the San Joaquin River restoration.

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